Two Ways To Play

Open Play

First come first serve, like a pool hall

1 Show Up

Check in at the front desk.

2 Pay Up

Just $12 per person for UNLIMITED play. It’s a Fowler’s fantasy come true.

3 FowlOn!

See an open lane? It’s yours. Start playing. All lanes full? Call “next” and wait. Winners stay, losers find another lane.


Get Directions

Reserve A Lane

Own a lane for two hours
10 people max

1 Say When

Click Reserve a Lane (below) and give us the details.

2 Pay Up

Just $120 for two full hours of fabulous Fowling.

3 FowlOn!

Ready for a couple of hours of pin-bonking, pigskin-chucking, beer-sloshing fun?
It’s best to show up 15 minutes early.



Click here for more than 50 people

The Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor

Football hitting bowling pins set up on a platform

What is Fowling?

The Original Football Bowling Pin Game

It started as a one-lane mashup of football and bowling while tailgating at the 2001 Indy 500. Today, Fowling is quickly turning into a national sensation. Give it a try and you’ll see.

How Do You Play?

It’s as easy as throwing a football at ten bowling pins until someone knocks them all down. BONK™. Drink. Repeat. Check out the short, simple rules to find out about Fair Ups, Overtime, Sudden Death and more.



Friday Night Tournaments

Try you hand at some friendly competition on a Friday Night.  Every Friday starting at 7PM we’ll have a quick tournament with the winner taking home a $120 Gift Card for a free 2 hour lane rental AND an actual Bonk Pin!!  Just pay for Open Play, sign up at the front desk and compete in a random draw bracket tournament.  Each round is 10 minutes, most wins or pins moves on to the next round.

Click Here for Holiday Hours

21 and over after 8PM

Contact us regarding minors in Group Reservations after 8PM



April Leagues – Time to Sign Up

The April 2023 Doubles League is a 4-week league on Tuesday nights at 7PM starting on Tuesday April 4th continuing until Tuesday April 25, 2023. We will admit as many teams as would like to join so tell your friends. The format is four 20-minute matches each night. Win as many games as you can in the 20-minute period. If you go up by 4 games, mercy rule applies. The cost is $20 per week ($80 total) and it will cover your Fowling and prize money. Plus, you can Fowl for free on Non-League nights during the league. If you don’t have a partner, sign up anyway and we will find another solo to match up with you.

The Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor Club Championship is a 4-week Tournament on Thursday Nights in April starting April 6th continuing until April 27, 2023. We will admit as many players as would like to join so tell your friends. The format is eight 10-minute matches each night, one on one, mano y mano! Win as many games as you can in the 10-minute period to win the match with a half time break to drink some beer. The cost is $15 per week ($60 total) and it will cover your Fowling and the trophy. No prize money, just the honor of having your name as the 2023 Club Champion, being the first on our championship trophy and your picture holding the trophy all year long. Plus, you can Fowl for free on Non-League nights during the league.













Corporate and Private Parties

Plan Your Next Event at Fowling Warehouse™

Whether it’s a small gathering or a major blowout, creating an unforgettable experience will be simple.



A group of people holding up pins laughing an posing for the camera




Student ID for 3!

We’ve missed the students and faculty from the three Colleges and Universities that surround our location; U of M, EMU and WCCC.  To welcome back students and provide a discount we have our Student ID for 3 program.  Bring your student ID on 3 weekdays, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and Fowl for 3 Hours (4P-7P) for only $3 dollars.  September 2022 to April 2023


On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in 2023 we will offer 100% of the cost of entry to your organization.  We charge $12.00 per person to the public for open play, but you may charge more to increase the amount of donations for your charity.  This works as a great introduction to the Fowling Warehouse for the community while helping your organization provide much needed services to students and residents.  Contact us at or click here to fill out a form for more information on the Fowlanthropy program.


Eat, Drink & FowlOn!

Fowlers Need Food

Great food is fuel for great Fowling. So BYOF. Bring your own pizza, sandwiches, tacos, smokin’ hot chili or mom’s deep-dish apple pie. You want it delivered? That’s cool with us.

List of Nearby Restaurants





Super Stocked Bar

Here at the birthplace of the Mystery Beer Machine™, we’ve got something for everyone. Enjoy liquor, wine, nonalcoholic beverages and beer that fills from the bottom—Bottoms Up!!


We have a full bar or Liquor and make some pretty tasty mixed drinks, shots and bombs. Wondering what we’re pouring or mixing?  Click the button appropriate button below.




Gift Cards

Send someone you know the gift of Fowling!

Purchase a gift card from the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor.

Card amount must be between $ 5 and $ 500
and must be a whole number (no decimal).  
The maximum amount per order cannot exceed $1,000

You can choose an eGift Card, delivered via email and printable if you prefer to hand deliver them.

Or you can order a Physical Gift Card, shipped by mail. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery.



Coming to town for some Fowling?

Here’s a list of nearby Hotels.


YA2 Gift Card



IPW Wrestling April 26th

IPW finally brings live pro wrestling to Ypsilanti, MI on Sunday, April 23 as Fowling Warehouse presents IPW ONSLAUGHT! Witness IPW talent like Jimmy Shalwin, Mondo Real, Bendrick Bison, Anderson Knight, Ren Jones, Jeremiah Goldmain, Terry VanAvery, Josh Raymond, Derek Wolfe, LaDon Sanders, Jumal Kyng, and more! All IPW events are family friendly! General Admission: $20 – Front Row: $25 – Kids 10 & under: $10 (Front row seats are limited) Doors open at 5pm and matches begin at 6pm! Order Tickets Here:


Each time someone throws a Bonk here at the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor we stop everything for the ceremony.  First, you are awarded the actual pin you Bonked on as a souvenir of the occasion.  Next you log your name into the “permanent record” of Bonkers.  Next you write your name on the Bonk Board.  Best for last, you pull the lever that sets off the BONK HONK, our 140-decibel freighter horn (think Joe Louis Arena’s goal horn) to announce your entry into the Bonk Hall Of Fame.  The latest Bonk Board is just to the right. Click the link if you want to see each month’s Bonk Board and a list of EVERY BONK ever made at the FWYA2!!



THE MFU  (Mobile Fowling Unit)


You’ve fowled at the Warehouse.  Now you can fowl in your own back yard, graduation party, company event, civic event, block party, wherever!!

For $150, you can pick up 2 boards, 20 pins and 2 footballs and set them up yourself.

For $200 we will deliver it right to your place and set it up for you.  Add $50 if we have to travel more than 20 miles.

Add $100 for each additional lane, either picked up or delivered.

You can rent for the weekend (Friday through Sunday) or Weekdays (Tuesday through Thursday).  Pick Ups and Deliveries happen on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Just fill click the “BOOK THE MFU” button above to reserve your lanes and we will contact you about delivery and placement the day of your event.  #FowlOn OUTDOORS!!

3D Tour of the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor

Portable Fowling set

Fōwling™ Built For The Road

Can’t visit a Fōwling Warehouse™ but still got that itch? Now you can bring the Fōwling™ experience to your next tailgate, BBQ, beach day, or backyard gathering. Pick up a set at your local Fōwling Warehouse™ or click here to order your set today!


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