Two Ways To Play

Open Play

First come first serve, like a pool hall

1 Show Up

Check in at the front desk.

2 Pay Up

Just $15 per person for UNLIMITED play. It’s a Fowler’s fantasy come true.

3 FowlOn!

See an open lane? It’s yours. Start playing. All lanes full? Call “next” and wait. Winners stay, losers find another lane.


Get Directions

Reserve A Lane

Own a lane for two hours
10 people max

1 Say When

Click Reserve a Lane (below) and give us the details.

2 Pay Up

Just $140 for two full hours of fabulous Fowling.

3 FowlOn!

Ready for a couple of hours of pin-bonking, pigskin-chucking, beer-sloshing fun?
It’s best to show up 15 minutes early.



Click here for more than 50 people

The Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor

Football hitting bowling pins set up on a platform

What is Fowling?

The Original Football Bowling Pin Game

It started as a one-lane mashup of football and bowling while tailgating at the 2001 Indy 500. Today, Fowling is quickly turning into a national sensation. Give it a try and you’ll see.

How Do You Play?

It’s as easy as throwing a football at ten bowling pins until someone knocks them all down. BONK™. Drink. Repeat. Check out the short, simple rules to find out about Fair Ups, Overtime, Sudden Death and more.




During Summer, we like to keep our leagues short and sweet.  Who can commit with vacations and sunshine competing for your time.  Our Summer Leagues are 4, 5 or 6 weeks long so you can get in, win, and get out! We have a June, July and August Tuesday Night Doubles league this summer.  Sign up for June is open now!

JUNE TUESDAY NIGHT DOUBLES LEAGUE:  Our Tuesday Night Doubles league is our premiere league.  The men and ladies of Tuesday Night are the nicest folks in town and have all varying degrees of skill.  So if you are a beginner, it’s a great way to learn the game in a friendly fashion.  If your are looking for competition, you will find it here too!   This is a 4 week league with the regular season kicking off on Tuesday June 4th at 7PM.  Playoffs are free on Tuesday July 2nd.   Sign up HERE before June 2nd.

All leagues are $20 per play per week.  For the duration of the league, all league members can FOWL FOR FREE during the week, so joining a league is like gettnig a Fowling Membership for the summer!!  It’s a great way to get a little excercise, make some new friends and work on your game.  We look forward to having you join us



THe micro wrestlers are back!

Sunday June 23rd at 6PM, the Micro Wrestlers from the Discovery Channel Reality TV show “Big Little Brawlers” return to the Fowling Warehouse.  No need to go to the Microtorium in Pigeon Forge, TN.  We’re bringing them right here to Ypsi Ann Arbor so you can see them live, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.  Meet the stars, get an autograph, a selfie and experience the Original Micro Professional Wrestling Organization at the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor.

Get your tickets now at


The Fowling Warehouse now has a Birthday Party Package!  For $200 you get a 2 hour lane reservation for up to 10 people, a huge 24 inch 24 piece pizza from Taormina’s, 2 pitchers of pop, a fowling pin and a sharpie to have all your guests sign to commemorate the occasion.  Click below, pick your date and time and we will take care of the rest.

Book your Birthday PartY

Planning a graduation party is tough and often expensive.  The Fowling Warehouse is here to make it cheap and easy.  Step One, reserve some lanes at the Fowling Warehouse. Step Two, order some food.  Step Three, invite your friends.  We have plenty of room for 10 to 50 people, even more if you want!  Plus, when it’s all over you don’t have to put everything away or wait for Aunt Mildred to leave.  We take care of the music, sports and the best lawn game of all FOWLING.

BOok your party now!

Next Tournament:  Friday June 7 7PM



Corporate and Private Parties

Plan Your Next Event at Fowling Warehouse™

Whether it’s a small gathering or a major blowout, creating an unforgettable experience will be simple.  It’s inexpensive, you can bring whatever food you want, we have lots of space, a great selection of beers seltzers ciders and liquor, and of course FOWLING!  Book your party or event NOW!



Student ID for 3!

We love the students and faculty from the three Colleges and Universities that surround our location; U of M, EMU and WCCC.  To make it affordable students and provide a discount we have our Student ID for 3 program.  Bring your student ID on 3 weekdays, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and Fowl for 3 Hours (4P-7P) for only $3 dollars.

Gift Cards

Send someone you know the gift of Fowling!

Purchase a gift card from the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor.

Card amount must be between $ 5 and $ 500
and must be a whole number (no decimal).  
The maximum amount per order cannot exceed $1,000

You can choose an eGift Card, delivered via email and printable if you prefer to hand deliver them.

Or you can order a Physical Gift Card, shipped by mail. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery.







On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in 2023 we will offer 100% of the cost of entry to your organization.  We charge $12.00 per person to the public for open play, but you may charge more to increase the amount of donations for your charity.  This works as a great introduction to the Fowling Warehouse for the community while helping your organization provide much needed services to students and residents.  Contact us at or click here to fill out a form for more information on the Fowlanthropy program.


Eat, Drink & FowlOn!

Fowlers Need Food

Great food is fuel for great Fowling. So BYOF. Bring your own pizza, sandwiches, tacos, smokin’ hot chili or mom’s deep-dish apple pie. You want it delivered? That’s cool with us.






Super Stocked Bar

Here at the birthplace of the Mystery Beer Machine™, we’ve got something for everyone. Enjoy liquor, wine, nonalcoholic beverages and beer that fills from the bottom—Bottoms Up!!



We have a full bar or Liquor and make some pretty tasty mixed drinks, shots and bombs. Wondering what we’re pouring or mixing?  Click the appropriate button below.





Each time someone throws a Bonk here at the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor we stop everything for the ceremony.  First, you are awarded the actual pin you Bonked on as a souvenir of the occasion.  Next you log your name into the “permanent record” of Bonkers.  Next you write your name on the Bonk Board.  Best for last, you pull the lever that sets off the BONK HONK, our 140-decibel freighter horn (think Joe Louis Arena’s goal horn) to announce your entry into the Bonk Hall Of Fame.  The latest Bonk Board is just to the right. Click the link if you want to see each month’s Bonk Board and a list of EVERY BONK ever made at the FWYA2!!

Every Bonk EVER




Coming to town for some Fowling?

Here’s a list of nearby Hotels.



3D Tour of the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor

Portable Fowling set

Fōwling™ Built For The Road

Can’t visit a Fōwling Warehouse™ but still got that itch? Now you can bring the Fōwling™ experience to your next tailgate, BBQ, beach day, or backyard gathering. Pick up a set at your local Fōwling Warehouse™ or click here to order your set today!


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