Here at the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor, we take Bonks seriously!! Strikes too! 

Anytime someone records a BONK we stop everything for a ceremony.  

  1. You are awarded the pin you Bonked as a souvenir
  2. You receive an “I Bonked” Sticker.  They cannot be purchased.  They must be earned.
  3. You log your name in the Permanent Record of Bonkers
  4. You write your name on the Bonk Board
  5. You pull the lever for the Bonk Honk, our 140-decibel Freighter Horn.  Think goal horn at Joe Louis Arena, but in the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor.

Below you will see a photo of each bonk board on the last day of the month, just before we erase it and start over again.  If you have bonked, you can show your friends this page as proof.  If you haven’t bonked, you can peer at this page green with envy.