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Football + Bowling + Bar = Fowling Warehouse

Two Ways To Play

Open Play

Best for individuals or small groups

1 Show Up

Check in at the front desk.

2 Pay Up

Flat rate per person for UNLIMITED open play. It’s a Fowler’s fantasy come true. (See specific location for pricing).

3 FowlOn!

See an open lane? It’s yours. Start playing.
All full? Watch the lanes and wait. When someone loses, challenge the winner(s) quick!


All Locations


Reserve A Lane

Best for groups up to 10.

1 Say When

Click Reserve a Lane (below) and give us the details.

2 Pay Up

Flat rate for two full hours of fabulous Fowling. (See specific location for pricing).

3 FowlOn!

Ready for a couple of hours of pin-bonking, pigskin-hucking, beer-sloshing fun?
It’s best to show up 15 minutes early.


Reserve A Lane


Football smashing pins
Guy throwing football at pins

What is Fowling?

The Original Football Bowling Pin Game

It started as a one-lane mashup of football and bowling while tailgating at the 2001 Indy 500. Today, Fowling is quickly turning into a national sensation. Give it a try and you’ll see.

How Do You Play?

It’s as easy as throwing a football at ten bowling pins until someone knocks them all down. BONK™. Drink. Repeat. Check out the short, simple rules to find out about Fair Ups, Overtime, Sudden Death and more.


Get The Official Rules

Team playing fowling

Planning a team outing?

We’ve got you covered with our unique venue !

30 Fowling lanes and plenty of seating

Plenty of space to eat, drink and socialize

2 – 45 ft fully stocked bars

Bring in your own food or have it delivered/catered

Arcade area


People playing portable fowling

Fōwling™ Built For The Road

Can’t visit a Fōwling Warehouse™ but still got that itch? Now you can bring the Fōwling™ experience to your next tailgate, BBQ, beach day, or backyard gathering. Pick up a set at your local Fōwling Warehouse™ or click here to order your set today!


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