About Fowling Warehouse™

What is Fowling? It’s the Original Football Bowling Pin Game

When you’re as obsessed with bowling as you are football, how do you decide between them? You don’t—you play both at the same time. Our founder, Chris Hutt, made that discovery while tailgating with friends at the 2001 Indy 500. Soon, the mashup game had a name and a cult following. And Chris had another idea:

Find a special place where people could get together to have fun, share a few drinks, and enjoy the game. And it’s a simple game – knock down 10 pins before your opponent.

Football + Bowling + Bar =  Fowling Warehouse

The first Fowling Warehouse™ opened December 2014 in Hamtramck, Michigan. Today, there are Fowling Warehouses in eight locations and the nationwide sensation continues to grow with no slowdown in sight.


Fowling Warehouse Kansas City is so dedicated to raising money for your cause that we built our name around it! Join organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cars 4 Heroes, and local school districts who have teamed with Fowling Warehouse Kansas City to raise money for their charitable causes. Email charley@FowlingKC.com for more information!

Just want to see what the fun is all about?

Pop in and see Fowling firsthand, or catch the big game with us! There’s no admission charge, and you’re welcome to come in, grab a drink, kick back, and have a good time!

Check out our Spotlight KC to learn more!

Open Play

Best for individuals or groups of 2-5 people

1 Show Up

Check in at the front desk.

2 Pay Up

Just $15 per person to play. It’s a Fowler’s fantasy come true.

3 FowlOn!

Check in at the front desk to find an open lane. All full? Grab a seat and a drink, and we’ll get you on a lane ASAP. *Please note no outside beverages allowed.

Reserve Lanes

Best for groups of 6 to 10+ people.

For more than 30 people, please reach out via the Group Parties link.

1 Click Below


2 Pay Up

$130 for 90 minutes of Fowling on your own lane! Each lane reservation can accommodate up to 10 guests.

3 FowlOn!

It’s best to show up 15 minutes early. *Please note no outside beverages allowed.

Official AFA™ Rules

Courtesy of the American Fowling Association™


Official Rules Of Fowling – Download PDF