HALF OFF WEEKEND: June 2nd and June 3rd!

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About Fowling Warehouse™

What is Fowling? It’s the Original Football Bowling Pin Game

When you’re as obsessed with bowling as you are football, how do you decide between them? You don’t—you play both at the same time. It’s a special place where people get together to have fun, share a few drinks and enjoy the game.

Football + Bowling + Bar = Fowling Warehouse

The Fowling Warehouse Grand Rapids is 45,000 square feet of fun!  30 Fowling lanes, Two 45 ft. fully stocked bars, the $2 Mystery Beer Machine, and the Bonk Honk!  Bring your own food or have it delivered! 

Plenty of seating and space for you, friends, families and corporate outings! 

* All bar tabs of $100 or over, or tabs left open at close, will receive an automatic 20% gratuity.

Wide shot of all the lanes set up at the Fowling Warehouse

A group of people holding up pins laughing an posing for the camera

Official AFA™ Rules

Courtesy of the American Fowling Association™


Official Rules Of Fowling – Download PDF