Hamtramck – Location Page – 5/3/2019

Hamtramck – Location Page – 5/3/2019



The Fowling Warehouse™ in Hamtramck opened its doors on December 4th, 2014. It has seen overwhelming success, drawing a melting pot of visitors from the heart of the city to the outskirts of the suburbs, while also being a hotspot destination for those visiting from out of state.

  • Fowling Warehouse™ Hamtramck
    3901 Christopher St
    Hamtramck MI, 48211

    Mon: 5pm-12am
    Tues: 5pm-12am
    Wed: 5pm-12am
    Thur: 5pm-12am
    Fri: 5pm-2am
    Sat: 11am-2am
    Sun: 11am-10pm

    (Mon – Fri) 21+ with valid ID.
    (Sat & Sun) All ages welcome from 11a-6p (must be at least 10 yrs old to play). 21+ after 6p with valid ID.

  • The game was accidentally invented at a tailgate at the 2001 Indy 500 by Chris Hutt (Chutt) and his friends as a hybrid of football, bowling and horseshoes. From that one lane the game grew to two lanes, to backyards, to tournaments, to Detroit Lions tailgates in Eastern Market and a 14,000 square foot warehouse on Van Dyke near Davison in Detroit.

    A destination for individuals, couples, small groups or large events, The Fowling Warehouse™ is a great time out for anyone. The Fowling Warehouse™ in Hamtramck has 30 Football Bowling lanes and hosts up to thousands of visitors every week.  Featuring a 175 seat beer garden, the BONK™ Honk and BONK™ Board, a stage for live music, over 150 different types of beer, two $2 Mystery Beer Machines™, food trucks and pizza delivery from local favorite Amicci’s Pizza.

    The Fowling Warehouse™ takes reservations for group and corporate events and welcomes open play 7 nights a week and has weekday leagues available.

Hamtramck – Location Page – 5/3/2019
Hamtramck – Location Page – 5/3/2019


There are a variety of ways to play The Original Football Bowling Pin Game. Take a look at our options and decide what’s right for you!

  • You don’t need a reservation for open play! If you win, you stay on the lane and accept the next challengers. If you lose, get back in line and be ready for another challenge.

    Open Play is only $10 per person
    (Mon – Fri) 21+ with valid ID.
    (Sat & Sun) All ages welcome from 11a-6p (must be at least 10 yrs old to play). 21+ after 6p with valid ID.

  • -Online Lane Reservations Coming Soon-

    Reserve your Lane Today!

    • Call us at 313-264-1288 to reserve lanes.
    • $120 per lane for 2 hours (up to 10 players max per lane).
    • After your reservation time, your group can stay and enjoy open play.
    • Plan on arriving 15 minutes early for your reservation.
  • Come see what the Fowling Warehouse™ Hamtramck has to offer for your next group outing!


    • You can bring in whatever food you want to or check out one of our awesome preferred vendors!

    Preferred Food Vendors:

    Amiccis Hamtramck – visit site

    Lazybones – visit site

    Mimi’s Bistro – visit site

    Beer and Liquor

    We offer a few options to handle your groups thirst
    1. Cash bar (everyone pays their own way)
    2. Open Bar: we track what your party consumes and you can pay at the end of the event

    * Please see our Policies

    It is Michigan state law. We cannot and do not allow ANY outside beverages to be brought in or beverages to be taken out of the Warehouse. We have full bars, bottled water or non-alcoholic drinks available to purchase, or we have drinking fountains.

  • Valid ID (not expired, not cut) required, or NO ENTRY – no exceptions

    (Mon – Fri) 21+ with valid ID.
    (Sat & Sun) All ages welcome from 11a-6p (must be at least 10 yrs old to play). 21+ after 6p with valid ID.

    *Deposit Required is 50% to officially reserve a lane, and 50% balance due at time of party. Pay with one card please.

    No beverages or beverage containers may come in/out of the building (This includes no water bottles, coffee, etc.)

    Bags, backpacks, and coolers are subject to a quick search.

    No gifts of alcohol allowed on site. Please leave them in your car.

    Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your lane reservation.

    Cancellation Policy: Must cancel at least 48 hours before your lane reservation to receive your deposit back.

    Credit cards not closed out by closing time will have 20% gratuity added to them and will be closed out. $10 minimum for credit card transactions.

    For early open parties: Two lane minimum and a $50 staff surcharge for bar tabs under $250.


The Fowling Warehouse™ Hamtramck offers 3 bars as well as a 175 seat beer garden. Over 120 different types of beer are available. All 3 bars have a full selection of liquor, wine and non alcoholic beverages. Two of the bars offer the Mystery Beer Machine™ with beers ranging from $2-$6.

Hamtramck – Location Page – 5/3/2019




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